"Your private traumatologic consulting, specialized in innovative German Therapies "


Emergency Care

Dr. Fernando Muñoz

“My mission as a doctor is to provide you with the best treatment / therapy for your well-being and agility”

  • Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology with 20 years experience
  • Multilingual consultation & asssistance
  • Academic training in Spain and Germany
  • Director of Traumatology and Special Care Unit
Medical Specialities
Knee prosthesis
Unicompartmental knee prostheses, Total knee prostheses, Constrained or revision prostheses.
Foot Surgery
Hallux valgus surgical treatment, Corrections to preserve forefoot joints, Claw and finger operations in hammer.
Hand Surgery
Minimally invasive surgery of carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren contracture operation, Surgical treatment of stenosis of the tendon.
Arthroscopy of the Joints
Knee joint, shoulder joint, ankle joint.
Massages, Directional Chiropractic, Flexion and Traction, Manipulation, Nimmo Method.
Meniscus Surgery
Arthroscopy or partial menisectomy, Meniscal repair or suture
General Trauma Surgery
Open and closed fracture treatment.
Sports medicine
Muscle cramps, Anterior cruciate ligament sprains, Sprained ankle, Shins in the shin, Muscle strains


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