Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The Orthopedic consultation of Dr. Fernando Muñoz is private, of course the Doctor will assist you regardless of your consultation in a review session. During it, he will explain in detail the best solutions for his illness.

Camí del Reis 308 Building 3A 07010 Palma

Dr. Fernando Muñoz speaks German and English fluently, he will be very well attended.

Request your appointment by phone call or directly online, and you can choose the most comfortable schedule.

Book your appointment immediately without waiting lists, first of all, your health comes first!

To cancel or change your appointment you only need to contact us through the same reservation phone number. Please try to cancel your visit at least 3 hours in advance so that Dr. Fernando Muñoz has enough time to change your agenda.

Dr. Fernando Muñoz provides services such as x-rays, scanners and blood tests.